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Para el Mundo (PaM)

Para el Mundo (PaM) serves the region of northern coastal Peru through three organizations: PaM Peru, PaM Canada, and PaM USA.

PaM works with the small community of Máncora, Peru, to create sustainable, locally-run initiatives in the areas of community health, social services and education.

PaM projects follow sustainable development principles and serves Mancora's most vulnerable community members: women, children, the elderly, the poor, and people living with illness or disability.

PaM staff, volunteers and community children with Milagro en Mancora donations - Barrancos, December 2008

PaM Christmas Campaign, Barrancos, December 2008

Support PaM

Fundraising, Donations & Volunteering

Para el Mundo has been able to support the development of new community projects, and to increase the capacity of existing services in the community, thanks to the generous contribution of donated time & labour, expertise, goods & services and financial contributions from our supporters.

PaM's support arm provides material assistance to PaM projects through ongoing fundraising, donations of supplies and equipment and the organization of a volunteer program that provides help through labour, training and expertise.

PaM Projects & Programs

Para el Mundo works to develop new community projects, and to increase the capacity of existing services, in the areas of community medicine, social services and education.

PaM's operational arm is involved in creating, assisting and participating in Máncora community projects, adressing needs identified by community members as being the most pressing: access to medical and social services, and a lack of educational opportunities.

PaM Background: About Máncora, Peru

Máncora is a small fishing town of around 8,000 people, located in northern Peru on the Pacific coast, just south of the Ecuadorian border.

Once one of Peru's most important fishing communities, the town has faced economic hardship in the last 15 years, in part associated with the collapse of the fish stocks. For example, Máncora once had Peru's largest fish-processing plant: this now works at only 10% capacity, most of the building unused, most of its former workers unemployed.