Past Projects & Programs: Education Program

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Our focus on sustainable development means that community-based education plays an important role in all PaM programs. Training programs led by PaM international volunteers intersect with the community medicine program and with social service programs.

PaM has built a strong relationship with the elementary and high school I.E. Alberto Pallete in Máncora, serving 1400 students and their families.

PaM Spanish Classes

All volunteers can study Spanish while in Máncora. Classes are 10 soles per hour for private classes, including materials.

Spanish classes for volunteers are taught by local women, most of whom are single mothers with little formal education. PaM volunteers have worked with a small group of women for the past 1-2 years to help them develop their skills as Spanish language teachers. These women are now working on expanding their small business by teaching tourists that travel to Máncora.

Volunteer teaching english at
local school I.E. Alberto Pallete

Those volunteers who choose to further their Spanish studies while in Máncora will be supporting this group of women. Individuals interested in volunteering with PaM or organizations interested in collaborating with PaM on educational projects should contact

PaM Community English Classes

As the tourism industry has grown in Máncora, more and more people want to learn English. Since 2001, PaM has been the only organization, public or private to provide the community with classes taught by English speakers. There is a pay-what-you-can payment structure in place for all students, and many are fully subsidized.

Classes range in size from one to ten students, and students come from different sectors of the community. English groups are created based common social or economic need. For example, classes in the past have included:

• Women-only classes;
• Conversation classes;
• Adolescent's classes;
• Children's classes;
• Small-business owners;
• Restaurant workers;
• Classes for people who want to travel/immigrate.

Volunteers plan their own classes depending on the group's needs. PaM provides access to curriculum, but volunteer teachers are encouraged to bring their own materials as well. Each group has a different focus, and PaM encourages volunteers to choose class materials that not only improve English language skills, but also enhance the students' understanding of issues that affect their lives.

For example, in the women-only classes, students often discuss things like machismo culture, division of labor, childcare and other issues that affect women. Adolescent groups often want to discuss dating, self-esteem, or other issues of interest to them.

PaM ESL volunteers should be aware of the issues affecting the population they will teach and be prepared to cover these topics with their students. Thanks to the hard work of PaM Education Program volunteers, extensive curriculum materials exist to help with class facilitation.

First aid class with
Red Cross Youth volunteers

PaM Projects at I.E Alberto Pallete School

Since 2004, PaM has worked closely with the largest local elementary and high school in Máncora, I.E Alberto Pallete. The school serves 1400 students, ages 5 to 17, and their families. PaM projects at the school have included:

• Providing parents, teachers and students with sexual health education;
• Teaching the teachers at the school how to design and teach English classes;
• Providing assistant teachers in English, math, computers, family studies, and health education;
• Providing a counselor for teens at the school;
• Teaching First Aid to high school students.

PaM welcomes volunteers for any of the above-mentioned areas, and is also looking for new ways to support the school. If you would like to volunteer at the school, in English or any other area, please contact us at

Education in Community Medicine

PaM's Medical Programs and Educational Programs initiatives have combined to create First Aid training courses for high school students and local Peruvian medical volunteers in Máncora. Courses are free, and cover basic first aid techniques as well as deal with some of the most pressing and relevant healthcare issues in Máncora. Classes are taught by PaM Canada Medical volunteers.

PaM international medical volunteers also work in partnership with local volunteers, providing regular seminars and workshops on healthcare issues specific to work at the clinic.

For more information, please see the Community Medicine Program section.