PaM: Donations of Supplies and Equipment

To date, PaM Canada has shipped over $50,000 worth of donated medical supplies and equipment to Máncora.

In partnership with the Peruvian Red Cross, National Office in Lima, PaM Canada shipped in a 20' container loaded with donations

from Toronto-area hospitals and medical charities; these supplies and equipment helped us open Máncora's first free and pay-what-you-can medical clinic.

PaM is also generously supported by Not Just Tourists Toronto, who supply our Canadian volunteers and other travellers to Peru with supplementary suitcases of medical donations.

Any volunteers or travellers to Peru coming via Toronto, and willing to bring with them a suitcase of donations for our medical clinic, should contact Our representatives in Lima can meet you and arrange to have the donations shipped to Máncora, or if travelling our way, you are welcome to visit Máncora and deliver the donations in person. Please see the Not Just Tourists Toronto website for more details.

PaM Donations Wish List

We are constantly on the lookout for donations, to re-supply those goods and materials used by our programs, as well as to expand the projects capacities and provide more for the community. Interested individuals and organizations with donations of supplies and equipment should contact to arrange for pickup and/or shipment.

PaM also has an agreement with the Peruvian Red Cross, to assist in the distribution of emergency medical relief goods in the event of natural disasters anywhere in Peru.

In particular, we are in need of the following:

Diagnostic / Clinical:
Stethoscopes, BP Cuffs, Scales, Tape measures, Watches showing seconds, Thermometers, Oto- & Opthalmascopes, Portable ECG, Heart Monitors, Portable SpO2 Monitor, Glucometers, Portable X-Ray, Portable Ultrasound, Scales (Adult & baby), Portable examination tables, Manual hospital beds, Hospital-style, portable & inflatable mattreses, Blankets (emergency and regular), Surgical scrubs, Surgical masks, N95 face masks, Eye goggles, Exam gloves & sterile gloves, Portable sterilization machine or autoclave, Bed pans, urinals, dressing trays and other 'pots & pans' (pref. stainless steel), Surgical Tools & Implements (Scalpels, handles & blades, needle drivers, small scissors, clamps, forceps, suture removers, etc...), Portable nebulizer machine, Eye charts, Soap, Hand sanitizer

Emergency, primary care:
Defibrilators & equipment (batteries, charger, tester/simulator), O2 cylinders, Regulators w/ flow meters, O2 tubing, Bag Valve Masks (Adult & Ped. sizes), O2 Masks (Adult & Ped. sizes, Non-rebreathable, Regular & Nebulizer varieties), Nasal Cannulas, Oral-Pharangeal Airway Sets, Nasal Airways Sets, EndoTracheal Intubation Kits, CombiTubes, LMAs, Laryngoscope Sets & batteries, EMS-style emesis bags, Stiffneck Cervical Collars, Spinal boards & straps, Head Immobilization systems, KEDs, Scoop Stretchers, No.9 style portable field stretcher, No.30 style stretchers (esp. rugged wheeled), Rescue ropes, harnesses & rigging gear, EMS Scissors, Rescue- and Multi-tools, Flashlights, Headlamps, Sager Splints, Speed splints, Malleable wrist splints, Triangular bandages, 4x4 gauze (sterile & non-sterile), 2x2 gauze (sterile & non-sterile), Kling-style Roll gauze (2,4,6"), Trauma dressings, Abdominal pads, Cloth Tape, Clear Medical Tape, Steristrips, Butterfly dressings, Jelonet & Burn dressings, Burn cream, Impregnated gauze & 'difficult wound' materials and kits, Band-aids, Tensor & Ace bandages, Compress bandages, Quick cast kits, Surgical cleaning (Proviodine liquid, ChloroPrep style, swabs), Alcohol swabs, Syringes, IV Kits, tubing & drip sets, Sutures

Antibiotics & antiparasite drugs, Oral hypoglycemics, Antihypertensives, Anti-inflammant & NSAIDs, Emergency drugs (Epinephrine, Atropine, Dopamine, Salbutamol, Furosemide, Dexamethasone, Valium, Diphenhydramine, ASA, Nitroglycerine, Keflex, Ceftriaxone, Dilantin, Phenobarbital, Glucose Gel packs, Glucagon, Insulin, Lidocaine, Xylocaine), IV Fluids (Saline, Dextrose, Ringers #5), Anti-Parkinson's agents, Anti-retroviral & HIV/AIDS medications, ECP, Pedialyte & Rehydration packets, B Vitamin & Iron supplements, Daily vitamins

Orthopedic & mobility aids:
Splints, braces & supports, Crutches, Canes, Walkers, Wheel-chairs

Microscopes, slides & equipment, stains, Centrifuges, Blood collection equipment, tubes, Urine test strips, Pregnancy test kits

CPR Training dummies (Adult, child & infant), CPR, First Aid, Nursing, Medical Textbooks & educational material, preferably in Spanish, Posters (Medical diagrams, educational, public health, etc...), Pamphlets

Communications / AV / Computer Equipment:
Digital Camcorders, Disposable, 35mm SLR or digital cameras, Tripods, VCRs, DVD Players, TVs & Monitors, Laptop & tablet computers, Desktop computers w/ speakers & webcams, Printers, Portable radio units, Headsets, Satellite Phones

Water Purification Systems:
Tablets, Personal filtrations devices, Large scale filtration systems

Other goods:
Eye-glasses, children's clothing, books & toys, sports equipment, art supplies, pencils, pens, chalk, paper, Shampoo, Toothpaste & toothbrushes