PaM Volunteer Program

PaM hosts volunteers travelling to Máncora, both within Peru and from abroad, who provide labour, training and expertise, in all of the areas of its activities.

PaM is a small organization that has grown very quickly. In addition to the generosity of our funders, PaM owes its growing capacity to the commitment of our volunteers to work for the betterment of the community, and we want to continue providing these amazing opportunities for involvement in our projects.

Volunteers contribute valuable time and energy to our projects, and in return gain rewards - learning new skills, building confidence, having meaningful experiences, developing language abilities, forming friendships - that will last a lifetime.

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Volunteer Fees

Volunteer fees cover the costs of hosting and, where applicable, housing and feeding the volunteers. These fees also help us ensure that the institution grows with each volunteer's passing, and that the benefit of your participation in helping the community will last long after you've returned home.

Volunteer fees (for those volunteers sponsored directly by PaM) are as follows:

Registration fee: 190 USD (non-refundable)
Volunteer fees: 90 USD / week
Plus the cost of a hostal and meal plan (Can range from $3-10 USD / day; PaM staff can assist with setting this up). Many options are available which suit all budgets and lifestyles.

For more information about the costs of volunteer travel sponsorship through Voluntraveler, please see the Voluntraveler website. Please note that Voluntraveler fees are all inclusive, and cover all relevant fees from the NGO, Voluntraveler and travel package, flights or insurance included with a quote. Voluntraveler is a non-profit agency, and any extra money collected beyond expenses is donated directly to the project with which the volunteer will be involved.

Volunteer Program Priorities

Our volunteer program has two main priorities:

1) Serving the needs of the community

Due to the level of trust the NGO has built up over the years of our involvement with the community, PaM volunteers have an extraorindarily high degree of access while participating in community projects. This has the potential of exposing vulnerable community members, such as children or the elderly, to harm from negative or abusive interactions with unkwown people coming from outside the community. To reduce this risk of harm, PaM requires volunteer applicants to go through a rigorus screening process, which also allows us to explore how best to make use of volunteer skills and experiences, and find a fit with existing or new projects.

Though we would like to accept as many people as possible into our volunteer programs, our capacity is limited, and this process takes organizational energy and resources. PaM reserves the right to admit only those volunteers who are the best fit, and who would provide the most benefit to the community. Please contact our Peruvian volunteer coordinator, Cecilia Barreto , for more information.

2) Providing a safe and meaningful volunteer travel experience

Mancora is a challenging place to live and work, and is a long journey from most places to get to. Those wishing to volunteer, but who have no prior contact with the NGO (past volunteers or their friends or family), and who have no prior volunteer or travel experience in a developing world country, should consider applying to volunteer with PaM through our volunteer travel agency partner Voluntraveler.

Voluntraveler is a social enterprise that organizes travel volunteer exeriences for students and professionals wishing to become involved in community projects in developing countries. PaM reserves the right to require that inexperienced volunteers be sponsored by an agency such as Voluntraveler. Except in exceptional circumstances, all volunteers under 21 must be sponsored by Voluntraveler.

VolunTravelerVoluntraveler helps interested applicants find a position in Mancora that meets their level of experience and their specific skills, and provides services to support the volunteer every step of the way - from travel planning, insurance and airport pickups, to housing, community connections and food. Voluntraveler can also provide guided trips, group rates and tourism assistance, to help create a meaningful travel experience that combines the joys of volunteering with the amazing sights and experiences of off-the-beaten track travel.

Volunteer Checklist

The NGO or sponsoring agency must be able to verify all of the following:

  • Resumé on file
  • References checked
  • Phone or (if possible) in-person interview
  • Criminal record background check in your home jurisdiction
  • A valid and up-to-date CPR & First Aid certificate, for those volunteers who will be involved in medical or health programs, or who who wish to work with children or the elderly
  • All relevant vaccinations up-to-date
  • Valid travel medical insurance
  • Completed volunteer documentation (NGO application, travel forms, etc...)
  • Volunteer fee deposit paid (where applicable)