PaM: Mission Statement

PaM strives to expand the community medical, educational and social service infrastructure in developing countries, with the end goal of assisting in the formation of sustainable, community-owned and operated facilities.

Values and Principles

We believe in providing medical, educational and social services that will enhance quality of life and help the community to become self-sustaining, with a focus on the most needy and underserved populations (specifically, women, children, peasants and the working classes).

To this end, PaM seeks to create new community infrastructure as well as complimenting or supporting existing services with donations of supplies and equipment, volunteers and training.

PaM provides services in a non-discriminatory fashion and without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

PaM works to improve the capacity of local community workers to sustain the community's needs with the minimum of dependence on outside resources & expertise, and works to advance local priorities in a manner that is both self-sustaining and community-directed.