Para el Mundo: Organization History

Para el Mundo (PaM) Peru

PaM Peru is a nationally registered (RUC #20509843385) Peruvian charitable community development organization which forms, with its sister organizations PaM Canada and PaM USA, the international NGO Para el Mundo (PaM).

PaM works with the small community of Máncora, Peru, to create sustainable, locally-run initiatives in the areas of community health, social services and education.

PaM Peru was founded by Cecilia Barreto and Frank Anastasi in 2002. After extensive travel and research throughout Peru, the American-Peruvian couple recognized that Máncora was a vibrant and promising community without sufficient educational and community services.

Since 2002, PaM Peru has been working with community members in Máncora to address the town's most pressing challenges: poverty, lack of opportunity for women, lack of accessible health care, an absence of social services, water shortages, and the effects of a collapsed fishing industry.

In practice, this means:

• facilitating connections between diverse groups within the community,
• promoting sustainable, locally-managed economic initiatives, and
• improving citizens' access to healthcare, education, and social services.

PaM Peru focuses on addressing the needs of those most under-supported and marginalized members of the community: women, children, the peasant/working classes, the elderly, and the poor.

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Para el Mundo (PaM) Canada

PaM Canada is a nationally registered (BN #83706-1548-RR0001) Canadian charitable international development organization which forms, with its sister organization PaM Peru, the international NGO Para el Mundo (PaM).

PaM works with the small community of Máncora, Peru, to create sustainable, locally-run initiatives in the areas of community health, social services and education.

PaM Canada was created in the fall of 2004, following a volunteer work-placement with PaM Peru that Lucy Gallo and Danielle Lafond completed as part of their Social Work degrees at Ryerson University.

In June of 2004, Lucy and Danielle volunteered with PaM Peru programs, teaching english and facilitating support groups for women and children. They also conducted a community needs assessment, which involved conducting research and designing a community survey, focusing on the history and present state of socio-economic conditions, and priorities for needed community services and infrastructure. During this period, they also managed to raise a total of $500 USD in donations.

Following their return, PaM Canada convened a Board of Directors, from diverse disciplines ranging from the medical, social work and international development fields, informed by a Board of Advisors in key areas of expertise. We were registered as a not-for-profit corporation in May of 2005, and since then have been engaged in ongoing work to raise funds, procure and ship donations, as well as to maintain an international volunteer program. In July of 2006, PaM Canada was awarded Charitable status by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

PaM Canada has been established to provide fundraising, to organize donations of supplies & equipment, and to create an international volunteer program, whose purpose will be to support sustainable community development projects in 'developing' nations such as Peru.

We work in conjunction with PaM Peru, and have established a community medicine program, expanded the PaM community centre and developped a variety of social services programs. A major goal throughout our involvement with assisting PaM Peru has been the establishment of community infrastructure and common resources that facilitate the large variety of projects our members enact.

PaM works in areas that have little access to either government assistance or that provided by other international NGOs. As such, lacking nearly everything, most social projects conceivable would be of benefit to the community. In strengthening the common requirements for any successful development project (such as acces to personnel, expertise, labour, funds, or facilities like photocopying, internet, space to accommodate volunteers, etc...), we make easier the process of enacting beneficial projects and programs. One of our great successes has been the ability to have volunteers propose and develop community projects, with direct consultation from that community, that fit their knowledge and aptitudes.

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Para el Mundo (PaM) USA

PaM is proud to announce that we have started a new branch in the U.S. PaM USA is a registered 501 c (3) in New York State. It is headed by 5 people who were PaM volunteers in Mancora from 2004-2007, and who saw the need to continue the important work they had started in Peru. PaM USA is focused on fundraising, grant writing, and supporting ongoing projects in Mancora. Please contact for more information, or to make a donation.


In the spring of 2009, PaM Canada directors Josh Hehner, Danielle Lafond and Sean Jacquemain, along with long-time PaM supporter and travel industry expert Jason Kucherawy, founded Voluntraveler, a social enterprise aimed at organizing volunteer placements for PaM in Peru and for similar NGOs around the world. Because of our extensive personal experience with volunteer programs, working in the community, and in international travel, Voluntraveler is able to focus on the services that we ourselves know from experience will go the furthest towards supporting a successful experience for our volunteers. Voluntraveler will also begin supporting other NGOs with expanded volunteer programs in developing world countries where similar projects are underway.