PaM Projects & Programs

Para el Mundo works to develop new community projects, and to increase the capacity of existing services, in the areas of community medicine, social services and education.

PaM's operational arm is involved in creating, assisting and participating in Máncora community projects, adressing needs identified by community members as being the most pressing: access to medical and social services, and a lack of educational opportunities.

Programs: Introduction

PaM projects are supported by our volunteers. Some projects run on an ongoing basis, especially projects under the direction of local staff. Others, such as sexual health education and English classes, are dependent on the presence of volunteers. Program timelines are not highly regulated, due in part to the challenges of working in a resource-poor country with little infrastructure.

It is not unusual for events like birth, deaths, extreme weather, or festivals and holidays to interrupt regular daily life, including your volunteer activities. The quality of a volunteer's experiences depends on their energy, understanding and willingness to work in partnership with local staff.