Past Projects & Programs: Community Medicine Program

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The PaM Community Medicine Program aims to improve access to health care in Máncora. In conjunction with the Peruvian Red Cross, Máncora Branch, PaM has established a community medicine clinic, are teaching First Aid classes and working to organize teams of community health-care workers. As well, PaM hosts medical volunteers for work in primary and emergency care, education and prevention programs.

Shipments of Donated Medical Supplies & Equipment

Unloading donated medical equipment shipped from Canada

PaM works with a number of Canadian hospitals, health-care facilities, individuals and other community-development organizations to organize shipments of donated medical supplies and equipment to Peru. PaM is partnered with the Peruvian Red Cross to coordinate the disbursement of these supplies to our community medicine program and clinic in Máncora, as well as to support disaster relief operations elsewhere in the country. To date, PaM Canada has shipped over $50,000 worth of medical goods to Peru.

PaM is also working with Not Just Tourists Toronto to supply the clinic with ongoing donations. Travellers heading to Peru from or via Toronto, and willing to carry a suitcase of medical donations, should contact

Organizations or individuals interested in donating medical supplies or equipment to PaM should contact

Exam Room 1, PaM/Red Cross
Community Medicine clinic

Community Medicine Clinic

PaM is partnered with the Peruvian Red Cross, Máncora Branch, to establish a community medical clinic in Máncora. While assisting with the construction of a permanent health clinic, PaM Canada has rented clinic space and is working to establish ongoing primary and emergency health care services to needy members of the community.

This space has also allowed PaM, in conjunction with the Peruvian Red Cross, to host regular specialist clinics and educational events, such as: first aid and basic nursing workshops, women's rights and women's health days, and a Diabetes education and support group.

PaM is also hosting special clinics, including campañas (one day clincs in more remote peasant communities), lab days and sexual health clinics.

First aid class at
Alberto Pallete High School


PaM Canada has worked with the Red Cross Youth class from I.E. Alberto Pallete high school in Máncora, teaching First Aid and helping them organize a school team of volunteer First Responders.

PaM Canada is also working with the members of the Máncora Branch of the Peruvian Red Cross, teaching first aid, basic nursing and community medicine skills to local volunteers.

Educational & Preventive Programs

PaM Canada hosts volunteer health educators and health care workers, and conducts capacity-building programs and workshops with local health promoters in the areas of: sexual health education & HIV/AIDS and STI prevention, hygiene & infectious disease prevention, first aid and basic nursing.

Paramedic Tracy from Toronto
volunteering at the Centre
for Special Needs Children

Volunteer Program

PaM Canada hosts volunteers for its community medicine program, and is looking for health care workers interested in volunteering in Máncora.

We are seeking doctors, nurses, paramedics and applicants with experience in the areas of health care, community and public health medicine, environmental medicine. Máncora is particularly in need of specialists with expertise in the areas of childhood development or tropical and infectious diseases.

Individuals interested in volunteering with PaM or organizations interested in collaborating with PaM on volunteer/tourism projects should contact