Past Projects & Programs: Social and Community Services

Please Note: For those interested in learning about past activities, re-starting a project that is currently on hold, or proposing new activities based on identified community needs, please contact us at

PaM Peru and PaM Canada are working to create social support networks for those community members in Mancora who are most in need of short and long term assistance. It is important for PaM to focus on capacity building in the community, so that enhanced social and community networks will be long-lasting and draw on the skills and strengths of involved community members.

Some of PaM's social and community programs include:

• Legal workshops facilitated by Peruvian experts, like lawyers, womens' rights advocates, local healthcare providers, etc. Topics include women and children legal rights, legal issues surrounding sexual abuse/assault, rape, divorce, child support, parental rights, roles and responsibilities of community members, other topics.

• Community movie nights

• Participating in and planning community events, such as barbeques, dances, bingo and music nights.

• Providing emotional and medical support for individual women and children who face specific challenges, including poverty, self-esteem and body image issues, psychological problems, specific illnesses, or simply a lack of other social support networks.

• Working with individual community members to build their self-esteem by linking them with people who can teach them new and interesting skills, such as photography, aerobics, medical/first aid skills, cooking and baking, or computer literacy skills.

• Community English classes open to all Mancorians, regardless of their abililty pay for classes.

Individuals interested in volunteering with PaM or organizations interested in collaborating with PaM on social and community projects should contact